Sunday, June 30, 2013

What is a Funeral?

I babysat The Sister's girls this morning so she could attend a very sad funeral.

Yes, I know ALL funerals are sad.

However, when the deceased is in their late 30's and unexpectedly/tragically leaves a spouse and three children, it's a bit more sad than when a 70+ year old person dies.

Unless, of course, that 70+ year old person is related to you.

Or me.

You know what I mean.

Anyway...the 7 year old niece asked me (after Mommy left), what exactly is a funeral? We talked about when someone dies, how people like to:

  • get together and talk about the person 
  • share fun pictures of the person through all the stages of their life and doing fun things with their family and friends 
  • tell funny stories about the person 
  • discuss where the person is now
She seemed happy with the discussion and didn't ask any additional questions.

The Sister came home and we were discussing the funeral. I told The Sister the 7 year old niece was asking about what a funeral is and The Sister said to her, "Remember when Grandma Nancy died? That was a funeral."

Which lead to a much deeper discusion of:

"Cousin Katie touched Grandma and she was cold. Why are dead people cold?"


They cut right to the heart of issues, don't they?

Good conversations to have, in bad situations, with our little people.

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