Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Road Trip #2 - 2012 - Day 13

Tuesday, August 28 - San Diego, CA

Beginning odometer: 44,395

The Husband and I slept late, of course. After getting around, we decided to drive over to  Coronado Island.

We had a great lunch at Brigantine Seafood. The crab & shrimp fondue was "the bomb!" Our bartender, Jesse, was a very personable young woman and we enjoyed our conversation with her.

After lunch, we walked through the shopping area. I did not purchase one item. (ha!) We then strolled into the Hotel Del Coronoda, which is a a fantastic old place. We could easily vacation there, once we win the lottery!

We walked out to the ocean and put our feet in.

We are extremely fortunate to have been to both the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean this year.

After driving around the island, we returned to our hotel. Look at the facilities located directly across the parking lot from our room! Can you say, "Laundry?" Yes, I did a few loads.

The Husband researched restaurant options for dinner and we ultimately selected The Red Door restaurant, based on good Tripadvisor reviews. Our waiter, David, was attentive and very nice.

We started by sharing:
Braised Pork Cheeks
pork cheeks braised in white wine & veal stock, wrapped in puff pastry; with onion marmalade, natural braising jus, fine herbs

I selected this as my main course:
Lamb Meatballs
ground Colorado lamb with roasted garlic, feta, pine nuts, home made herbed gnocchi, roasted tomato, sauteed hericot verts, chimichurri sauce

The Husband selected this as his main course:
Red Door Turkey Meatloaf
tender turkey meatloaf topped with mushroom maderia 'gravy', served with mac n' cheese, sauteed garden vegetables

Oh. My. Goodness!

Where do I start?

The pork cheeks? Divine!

The Lamb Meatballs? Fantastic!
(The pine nuts added such an interesting taste and texture.)

The Meatloaf? Yummy.
(That side of of mac n' cheese was to die for.)

Reading the Red Door full menu makes me want to return for many more meals!

The Red Door is an interesting restaurant, because they share a kitchen with their sister restaurant. I found that to be a fascinating concept. The Wellington couldn't be more different in decor and menu than the Red Door. The owner and chef created two distinctly different concepts and decors, but use shared resources to deliver food and service. Absolutely brilliant!

After dinner, we returned to our hotel and one last stop in Zack's bar. Another good time was had by us. If you are ever in San Diego, stop in to meet Zack and be entertained!

Ending odometer: 44,422
Miles driven: 27

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