Monday, June 4, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 18

Wednesday, May 2nd - Natchez, MS 

We enjoyed the hot, complimentary breakfast at Natchez Manor. It was delicious. Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheesy grits and butter biscuits. Mmmm good. A great start to a day of adventure in Natchez.

We decided our first destination would be Natchez Under the Hill. We drove under the hill and then up top to see the might Mississippi.

The bridge behind me takes you to Louisiana. Remember that.

After strolling a bit on the river front, we took a driving tour of two cemeteries.

First was the Natchez National Cemetery.

Second, was the Natchez City Cemetery.

One example of the ornate ironwork that can be found in the cemetery. This gate has ears of corn incorporated in the design.

After leaving the cemeteries, we made our way to Stanton Hall for the house tour. It was the epitome of gracious living in it's heyday. Heck, it's the epitome of gracious living today.

Here we are pretending we own the property.

"Welcome to our home."

On the grounds of Stanton Hall, the carriage house has been converted to The Carriage House Restaurant. Of course, we had to have lunch there. Their buttery, silver dollar size biscuits were delicious, as were their chicken livers (I know!) and pimento cheese dip. I drank my first Mint Julep. It was tasty and strong and I had to go back to the room for a nap immediately after consuming it.

After the nap, we took a stroll around the historic district and ended up at The Eola Hotel. We walked into the Peacock Bar & Grill and made the acquaintance of Julie, the friendliest bartender in Natchez. We talked a bit about the historic mansions in the town that are open for tours. Julie told me about the mansion Christmas tours, in particular the Jeweled Christmas at The Towers. I would love to see this display. It is now on my "bucket" list.

Julie also introduced us to Paul, who is a Coast Guard buoy tender on the Mississippi River. It was interesting to hear his story of how an English Major from Chicago ended up in the Coast Guard in Natchez, MS. It was all about gainful employment!

We chatted with a couple of other folks before leaving the Peacock and touring the hotel lobby, where we found these on display.

As much as we liked the Natchez Manor, next time we visit Natchez we will probably give The Eola Hotel a try.

Ending odometer = 37,392

Note to one "complaining" reader of this blog: One more vacation post to go and then I will return to real-time posting of all the important details of our lives!

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