Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 16

Monday - April 30th - Thomasville, GA to Montgomery, AL

We had breakfast at the hotel and were on the road by 10:15 a.m.

Odometer reading = 36,785

We visited the Thomasville Rose Garden. Thomasville hosts a rose show every year and they consider themselves the City of Roses. We arrived in town the day this year's show ended. We need to work on our timing!

Thomasville is also the home to a beautiful 331 year old live oak, named The Big OakIt is magnificent.

There is a camera mounted on the light pole across the street from The Big Oak. On the back of the sign The Husband is standing behind is a phone number. You dial the number and hear a recorded message advising your photo will be taken in 8 seconds. All the photos are later uploaded onto a website for viewing.

If you want to see our photo, click here.

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Our photo is on the far right of the top row.
The tag on our photo: bigoak2012-04-30_08h_46m_03s.jpg

We drove past the historic Lapham-Patterson House, but they were closed. Again, with our timing!

Years ago, when I visited Thomasville, one of the men I was working with told me if I went downtown I should not go into the Billiards Academy. Why? Because it was not a place for "nice girls," since there were pool tables and card games and who knows what else going on. Of course, I immediately wanted to go there. He said "No, no. People at the office will hear you were there and will talk!" He told me if it was open and I wanted to get coneys, I could order at the walk-up window on the sidewalk. It was 1995, for goodness sakes!

The Billiards Academy was closed during my last visit to Thomasville, unfortunately. It was, however, open during this visit. The Husband and I had coneys for lunch and, yes, I did go inside the establishment. Evidently, "nice girls" can go there now without risking their reputations!

Billiards Academy coneys were good, but nothing like Tulsa's Coney I-Lander. If I had to choose between the two, Coney I-Lander would win everytime!

Me, on the sidewalk by Billiards Academy walk-up window.

We left Thomasville after lunch and headed toward Montgomery, AL. I managed to get this state welcome sign from the car window. There was too much traffic to park and pose for the usual photo.

We did take an hour to stop at a large thrift store. It was really more of a junky antique mall. We saw some interesting items and some interesting people. It was a good diversion from the road.

We rolled into Montgomery, AL in the early evening and found a hotel. We opted for dinner at an Outback. It was easy and quick. Our server was a nice kid named Patrick.

End of day odometer = 37,029

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