Friday, May 4, 2012

Road Trip 2012 - Day 10

Tuesday, April 24th - Charleston, SC

We were awake at 8:00 a.m. and had the continental breakfast in our room as we prepared for the day.

We decided to walk to the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center at Liberty Square. This was a much longer walk than the previous day's trek to the Charleston Visitor's Center.

We purchased our tickets for the 30 minute boat ride to Fort Sumter. You are allowed 1 hour at the Fort, before re-boarding the boat for the 30 minute ride back to the Education Center. While we waited for our designated departure time, we examined all the exhibits.

Finally, it was time to board the boat. The Husband, who is so mannerly, told me to let all the older folks board first. I told him, "Honey, these people are retirees. They are aggressive and brutal! We'll never get a seat. Let's go!" Reluctantly he followed me. Even so, we had to sit on the top level, exposed to the elements because all the protected seats were taken by "The Retirees!" It was cold and windy on the water. Very cold and windy!

The Husband with the Fort over his left shoulder.

On land, just before entering the Fort. 

The actual cannons used during the seige.

Over The Husband's right shoulder is Fort Johnson. The first shot on Fort Sumter was fired from there, beginning the Civil War.

The wind on Fort Sumter was brutal and cold. You felt like you were being beaten, it was so strong. We opted to return to the boat a few minutes early, but we could not beat the majority of "The Retirees." They were already on board, seated at tables in the enclosed areas of the boat. No cold, windy return for them! We climbed to the open deck of the boat and it was even colder and more windy on the return trip to the mainland. Did I mention it was cold? and windy?

After returning to the mainland, we took a pedicab ride from the Fort Sumter Vistor Center to the City Market area, thus avoiding the long walk back.
This guy was a lifesaver! 

We lunched at Magnolia's Restaurant. A couple of appetizers and a drink and we were good. We walked back to the B&B and took a nap in anticipation of a big evening with our friends.

The Friend and The Wife picked us up at our B&B and drove us the few blocks for a pre-dinner drink at the rooftop Pavilion Bar. My feet thanked them profusely! The Pavilion Bar was hip and trendy and full of glamorous people, just like us. We enjoyed the rooftop view of Charleston, a good cocktail and pleasant conversation.

After the drink, we repaired to the restaurant immediately adjacent to our B&B, Husk. On our first night in Charleston we had our first drink there with The Friend and then returned late at night for a sandwich. This night, however, was special because The Friend had made dinner reservations in the restaurant. Husk was named Bon App├ętit magazine's 2011 Best New Restaurant in America and we were looking forward to the experience, to say the least!

I started with the "Buffalo Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Vinegar, Marinated Cucumbers and Spring Onion." The combination of tastes was divine. Salty pig ear, sweet and spicy flavors combined with crunchy cucumbers and lettuce was an interesting taste sensation. For the main course, I had "Cornmeal Dusted NC Catfish with Smoky Tomato, Spring Courgette and Sweet Corn." It was melt in my mouth delicious! The Husband, The Friend and The Wife also thoroughly enjoyed their dinners.

If you are planning to travel to Charleston, SC, I encourage you to 1) visit Husk's website and read about the Chef and his food philosophy, as well as his approach to sourcing ingredients for his creations and 2) make a dinner reservation!

After dinner, we returned to the Husk bar for an after dinner drink.

We can't thank our friends enough for making our first visit to Charleston so enjoyable. Their knowledge of where to stay and the restaurant scene made our visit stress free and delightful!

Thanks, guys!

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