Monday, February 28, 2011

This and That

I've not posted much recently because I haven't felt well and didn't want to do anything. I managed to get to the grocery store, fix dinners, do laundry and take my Mom to the doctor, but not much else.

Oh wait, I did sew a couple of storage bags for some of my entertaining pieces. I want to make sure the odd sized pieces don't get chipped or scratched when not in use, so I'm making my own bags. They are turning out pretty well, if I do say so myself, and are lots cheaper than buying them pre-made. I have a few more bags I want to make this week.

Sunday morning we went out to family breakfast and a good time was had by all, especially my Mom.

This morning I went to the dentist, which is always fun.

No, really. It is fun!

I've never been afraid of the dentist. My dentist from childhood to my late 20's was great. He was funny, good at distracting kids and could work on you while causing little or no pain. When it was time for him to retire, he sold his practice to a dentist who is every bit as good and might possibly be even funnier. His wife is the hygienist and she is nice and funny and also good at her job.

If you are looking for a dentist in Tulsa, I heartily recommend Dr. Jeff Parker and his staff.

Hopefully, I'll have some interesting things to write about this week. Stay tuned!

Note: I am not being compensated for this recommendation. Jeff has no idea I am writing this on my blog. None whatsoever!


  1. I always love a good recommendation. Word of mouth truly is the best advertisement!

  2. I am terrified of dentists but glad you have you like and seem to enjoy. Where are the bag pics?