Sunday, February 6, 2011

Funeral Plants

I've been married to The Husband for 16.5 years. Prior to our marriage, we worked at the same office, so I was acquainted with him for 5 or so years before our marriage.

I did not know him when his paternal Grandmother passed away. If I've known him 20+ years, that means his Grandmother passed away 23-25 years ago. When she died, he took home a funeral ivy. When I met him, it was a big, lovely plant in a clay pot. The plant has been with us for our entire marriage.

The last 6-9 months, the plant has not looked well. I recently trimmed up the plant and kept only the most healthy pieces.
There was not much left.
I hope the ivy survives and thrives. The Husband and I would be very sad if it died.

Do you have "funeral plants" from when your family members have passed on?


  1. I tried to keep the ones from my mother's funeral but just couldn't. They have long gone to plant heaven but the oldest, B has one or two I think. That ivy should do well, it is pretty hearty.

  2. We tried to keep plants from both Nanny and Patti's funerals. Only our Nanny plant has survived. :( But it is a peace lily plant and it seems to be indestructible. I always forget to water it.

  3. This isn't a funeral plant (thank goodness) but when Tom had colon cancer, he received one of the traditional peace plants, often sent for funerals. We kept it and now, over five years later, it thrives and treats us with blooms, often in the month of his surgery. We want to keep that one alive!